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Stephanie C. | San Diego, California

August 17 2015 Bark busters rating

Well future Bark Buster customer.. I'm sure you've already read a ton of reviews. The reality is that Justin really is everything and more! I have been working with Justin for almost a year and I really respect everything he taught me. I have waited a long time to write this review because I wanted to make sure that his process really did work.( it comes down to you and how consistent you are with your dog.) Chevy is my princess and let me just state for the record even though I loved her from the moment I got her we did not get off on the right foot ( she would pee everywhere, whine, and chew on whatever she wanted not to mention she didn't listen oh and she would scratch at a door till the point of bleeding and ripping of her paws) Chevy is a Miniature Pinscher, she is a very full of life pup, although she is also a very difficult breed to have with out training. I've had her since she was four months old. Unfortunately I came from a family that hit dogs. That's definitely not how I wanted to treat my furbaby. Justin gave me the tools... Wait to put it bluntly Justin trained me to be a better dog owner. Yes yes he trained Chevy, but mostly me. I had no idea that catering to my furbaby's whining was actually a big no no . Anything that came up with Chevy, Justin happily made time for us. All of my situations are better now that Chevy and I have Justin. He has a hundred or so five star reviews for a reason. If you are going to invest in your dog invest in this. Hope my review helped.

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Francesca S. | San Diego, California

August 17 2015 Bark busters rating

Justin deserves every review including mine! He definitely knows what he's doing. He is very passionate and loves his craft! He really cares...He has a lot of patience too. Justin is very supportive which is extremely appreciated because training a pup can be exhausting and overwhelming. I don't feel alone in this process. In fact, I feel like Justin is my team player. My Zen-Monkee is turning into the best little behaved pup ever! Justin is teaching me the need of consistency, discipline and love! "it's all about balance", he says. My pup had separation anxiety but she's getting SO much better. She would go nuts if left alone, and now, she just sleeps:o)) He shows me the training exercises to do and it's up to me to do the homework. Repetition is the key. As owners, we gotta do the work, Justin can only guide us to a point. The transformation from this crazy little Gremlin of mine to a real obedient Zen dog is remarkable!! It happens SO quickly! He teaches me how to be the mother dog essentially...we must speak dog because dog's don't understand human language. He's also teaching me how dogs are like kids, they want boundaries so they feel safe so they don't have to feel insecure, hence where the bad behaviors. He's also guiding me in potty training guidelines. She's had a few accidents but it would have been a lot more had I not been guided by Justin. Justin guides, we follow and the homes with doggies becomes a balanced, loving home. Thanks Justin...The Dog Whisperer has nothing on you!!!

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Kim M. | Santee, California

July 27 2015 Bark busters rating

Justin is simply an amazing trainer!! First let me tell you what poorly behaved dogs we have. First there is Sedona a pitbull mixed with ridgeback who is very aggressive and super protective of me and our home. She constantly barked and would attack the front door if anybody dared to knock. We couldn't have friends and sometimes family come over because of her issues. She attempts to bite strangers and my pool man won't come over unless she is locked up. She didn't used to be this bad until the neighbors landscapers started taunting her and soon the other neighbor joined in as well! So we put up a wood fence so nobody can taunt her, but she still barked and my wonderful elderly neighbor couldn't enjoy her own yard because of Sedona. She also fence fights with one of the dogs behind us. Did I mention she attacks the TV if she sees animals? Well, that was all before Justin came into our home and changed who was the Leader! Surprisingly it is no longer Sedona! It's me! I can actually answer the door, watch TV animals and my house and yard are so peaceful, I just Love it! Saucy is our other dog, she is a German Shirthair Pointer who jumps on everyone and bops their noses, barked constantly at the sound of a leaf dropping and lunges at the front door at an unsuspecting visitor. Well that poor behavior has stopped too. Justin has taught me how to reprogram my dogs and be a leader. He is the 4th trainer, yep fourth! And the only one that has been able to help me correct my dogs and teach them to be happy relaxed dogs. We started on walking them today and I know I have a lot more training ahead of me, but I'm actually getting it! Sedona is very leash aggressive to other animals so that's what we are working on now. I have seen more improvement in just a free weeks than I have in 5 years and it is empowering. Don't wait to make your appointment, you will be so happy with the results! I will update this review as more wonderful things happen. I don't know who is happier and more relaxed, me or my dogs! It's going to be such a wonderful life now, I won't have to stress like I used to. My husband said its so peaceful we can actually hear birds in our yard! And Saucy doesn't get up in the middle of the night barking so we're sleeping better too!

Again, don't wait Justin is a miracle worker and Sedona let him sit on our couch and pet her!!! I'm still astounded. It takes persistence, don't give up on your furry children, call Justin today!

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Kim P. | San Diego, California

July 11 2015 Bark busters rating

There is clearly a reason why Justin has all 5-star reviews. He is an AWESOME dog trainer who lives up to every. single. review.

We found Justin through Yelp (after reading all these amazing transformation stories from other clients that we could relate to) when we relocated back to San Diego with our 3yr old rescue dog, Sadie. Since adopting her, we had problems with dog-aggression and fear-aggression towards strangers. Seeing a dog on a walk or having a guest over was a very stressful thing for all of us and made us shy away from those situations entirely.

Justin came in swiftly and told us it was all going to change. He taught us the techniques to let Sadie know she was no longer in charge. We immediately saw a shift in her mindset - she was able to relax and just able to enjoy being a dog (instead of 24/7 guard dog). We introduced to her to our family and friend's dogs and found out she LOVES to play! I never would have thought I'd see the day when Sadie would have dog friends. Justin even recommended a great kennel-free daycare/boarding that carefully screens dogs and now Sadie can go there to play + work on her socialization skills. That all would not have been possible without Justin's training and assistance.

My family is AMAZED by the transformation they've seen in Sadie. She went from being a somewhat loose-cannon to a relaxed, happy dog that just loves to be apart of our pack. Justin has helped us accomplish this. I'd highly recommend Justin to anyone looking for a talented, personable trainer who truly cares about his clients (canine and human).

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Will S. | San Diego, California

July 3 2015 Bark busters rating

Justin at Bark Busters is the absolute real deal, but what do you expect from the Trainer of the Year and International Trainer of the Year award winner?

Just like many of you, my wife and I read through all the reviews very carefully before we made the decision to work with Justin. Every single one of the reviews offered up crazy hyperbole, stories and examples to describe how awesome Justin is and we were hopeful but slightly skeptical. (How could you not be right?) Let me tell you, not only is Justin everything stated in these reviews, but he is even more than that.

From the very first lesson, our Vizsla puppy Scout, responded to everything Justin taught us immediately. She went from pulling on every single walk to walking right beside us RIGHT AWAY. She stopped jumping on our friends RIGHT AWAY. She became a different dog RIGHT AWAY. It left my wife and I completely speechless and it still amazes us that everything Justin taught us worked so well, so easily and so quickly. It completely changed our relationship with Scout and it was not difficult at all to learn and implement - just listen to Justin and be consistent!

Also, Justin is just a good dude that truly cares about dogs and people. He caters his methodologies to each individual dog, owners and their personalities. He always stresses that he's super available to help out either over the phone or in person so definitely take him up on that.

If you're even considering hiring someone else, DON'T. We couldn't recommend Justin more. Some of the best money we've ever spent. Ever.

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Junelle S. | San Diego, California

July 1 2015 Bark busters rating

Justin is a miracle worker! My baby was a spoiled brat and now he is just spoiled. I used to hate taking him anywhere because all he would do is bark and pull on the leash as well as jump on others. He had no manners at all! Now he is a dream to take out! No pulling, one or two barks but listens to corrections, and doesn't jump on people. He actually sits and waits to be petted instead of jumping. He is so much more enjoyable to have around and seems to be a much happier pup! I don't know what I would do without bark busters. I recommend him to everyone! We had taken our baby to 3 different training classes and my pup is smart so he would behave in class and learn everything but, the second we get home he "forgot" everything. With Justin coming to our house my pup knows that the training isn't just for in class but for everyday. After 1 training with Justin my baby was a changed pup. Well worth the money as the value you get in life with your dog is priceless.

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Tricia M. | San Diego, California

May 2 2015 Bark busters rating

Jesus, I mean Justin...I get them confused some times. Oh I remember, Jesus turns water in to wine and Justin turns dog owners into pack leaders and skittish dogs into calm and obedient followers. Close.

First of all, we want to thank all the other people that wrote reviews because we would have never called Justin if it were not for the stories I read, which made us realize there were so many other dog owners out there going through similar experiences.

Here is our story, we adopted Henry "Hank" Fitzgerald from Helen Woodward a year ago this month. They had no background on him since they received him from another shelter. They did however tell us he was roughly six months old and a terrier mix that would be no more than 25-30lbs. We are quite certain he is a coonhound with a beard and well he's 60lbs now. Initially we found Hank to be incredibly submissive, sweet and friendly, but a couple months after we had him he was sprayed in the face by a skunk in our backyard. Shortly after he became very territorial of us, the house and would patrol the backyard barking at night. Every sound he heard, his hair would stand up and he would bark aggressively at the fence. Another month or more, when anyone would approach the door he would charge the door and bark aggressively, which evolved into him growling at friends coming into the house and eventually nipping two of our friends. We could tell he was feeling very anxious and afraid, but we were uncertain what to do. Another thing Hank would do was bark at us constantly to play. We would let him out to the backyard and he would bark until we joined him and if he was in the house he would bark at us until we played with him, it was a nonstop bark fest. Next, he was kicked out of daycare. He had always been incredibly friendly with other dogs, but apparently had an issue with an old yellow labrador retriever that napped all day. It started with him barking at him on occasion, but later turned into him viciously snarling and lunging at him. We were called to pick him up and they recommended not bringing him back until he had some training. We recently had a couple other experiences of him lunging at friends and aggressively barking and lunging at an old sick dog while camping. Long story short...we felt like we needed help soon before something serious happened.

After a quick google search Bark Busters came up on Yelp. I couldn't believe all the 5 out of 5 star reviews especially considering most people use the internet to complain. After reading the stories I hoped that Justin was the answer to our problems and he definitely was. Just like everyone else said, Justin came to our home, spent the first 30 minutes educating us on dog psychology and establishing dominance in the home. He taught us the tools we need to take ownership back over our home. We began practicing on Hank and literally within 20 minutes he was an entirely different dog. He was submissive, relaxed and happy. He was walking around the house seeking our approval and attention, which is not something Hank would do in the past. It was unreal how quickly he responded. No really...UNREAL! After one training session, Hank now sits at the door before he comes in and out of the house and he no longer barks at us for attention. We are still working on the front door and visitors, but he knows we are in charge and he doesn't approach the door or our guests anymore. After the second training, he is now leash trained. He used to pull us all over the neighborhood, but now he is a perfect gentleman and walks behind us. There is plenty of more to do and every day is a training day, but our lives and Hank's life have changed dramatically. We enjoy every second with him now. He knows we are in charge and he's living a much calmer and more fulfilling life because of it. He's a calm, cool and collected coonhound thanks to Justin.

Seriously, do not hesitate calling Justin. He truly is amazing. He's a great teacher, listener and the best part is, we have his support for the rest of Hank's life. Thank you Justin. Our family is a happier and healthier family now because of you.

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Kylee E. | San Diego, California

February 10 2015 Bark busters rating

Where to even begin? Justin deserves every single 5 star review written here and more.

My dogs are my babies. I have 2 boys, a 2 year old dachshund I've had since he was a pup and a 1 year old chihuahua mix I got from the humane society about 4 months ago. They are wonderful additions to my little family, but they both barked consistently, walking them was like flying kites and they completely ruled our house.. Which is why I called Justin.

We have now had 2 sessions with him and even just a few minutes into our first session they were different dogs. He teaches how to properly correct the dogs behavior and it's actually effective!! Finally, I feel like we're getting through to them and not just consistently speaking another language to them, which is frustrating to us and the dogs too.

They don't bark or bombard guests coming into my home any longer, they walk by my side, come when called, and so much more! It's amazing!!!

Having these tools to communicate with my boys is priceless and so rewarding when your dogs show you respect and treat you like the alpha that you are.

I love my dogs to pieces and having them so well behaved is only making my bond with them stronger. If you are even thinking about getting a trainer, look no further! You won't find anything better than Justin.

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Grace F. | San Diego, California

January 24 2015 Bark busters rating

Needless to say we were the classic case of SRDS (Spoiled Rotten Dog Syndrome), luckily we did find a cure... Justin from Bark Busters! He is seriously one of the best investments we have made for our precious lil' boy. Rudford's "SRDS" made him an unruly dog, he was very aggressive: barking at and jumping on people. He pretty much ruled our house. Justin really brought to light what we were doing wrong, why Rudford was doing the things he did and how to EFFECTIVELY correct it. After just the first session with Justin it was like we had a new dog, the results were immediate! It has been a month now and we feel more at ease anytime strangers are around. Thank you Justin for all your help, you definitely earned the Dog Whisperer Badge of Honor!

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Lindsey G. | Alpine, California

January 9 2015 Bark busters rating

Our story:

We have two large dogs (Rottweilers) both under three years old. We were having aggression issue with our younger male dog. He would go after other dogs while we were on walks, and towards other dogs he was introduced to. We called Justin and he was nice enough to come to our home (even though we live far out in east county.) He showed us how to communicate with our dogs in away that would give results and let our dogs know that we were in charge, not them. The results were immediate! I never thought I would see our dogs behave this well. I will say that his training requires daily reinforcement by us, but we are happy to do it, especially with these results. Although we worked on only a few exercises with the dogs their demeanor has completely changed for the better. They are not constantly pawing at us anymore, no more grunting, and I can see that they actually respect us more (sounds weird I know) I also have no idea if this is a result of the training or not, but they are sleeping longer too! No more early wake up calls anymore! Since we've only had one session I can't wait to see what we can accomplish next time.

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Lori S. | San Diego, California

January 7 2015 Bark busters rating

My husband and I both work at the zoo as animal keepers and trainers. We adopted an 8 year old dog about 2 years ago from a shelter and he was a great addition to our household. The only problem was that he and one of our cats could not seem to get along. We spent the last 2 years breaking up fights and doing everything we knew to do to try to fix the problem, but it was not working. I was at my wits end with the situation and was concerned for my cats life. The reality was settling in that I may have to re-home my dog, which broke my heart. We decided to bring in a professional as a last attempt to help everyone get along. We found Justin on Yelp and he had the best reviews of any other trainer I had researched, so we made an appointment. After our first session with him it was like a whole new household, we felt more in control of our environment and all the pets were calmer around each other. Both our dogs are now better behaved and we can take them on walks with out having them pull us down the street or worry about running into other dogs. Justin is a lifesaver! We highly recommend him, it's well worth the price.

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Carl P. | San Diego, California

December 24 2014 Bark busters rating

Justin of BarkBusters has worked a miracle with our dogs. Our 6 year old chocolate lab and 2 year old boxer/husky mix, while super sweet, suffered from a severe inability to walk without barking incessantly at people and especially dogs, as well as from getting way overexcited whenever anybody walked through the door. Our first session went so well that our dogs improved to the point that we never would have even needed to call him in the first place. But after our second session, we realized just how much better they can be. While they used to pull and whine and bark on the leash, they now walk slow, steady, and very disciplined, in just 2 sessions! Justin's approach is very confident and stern mixed in with super caring and sweet to reward good behavior. He not only trains your dogs, but you as well, so that after he leaves your dogs respect your commands and behave the way you want them to. I highly recommend Justin of BarkBusters San Diego to anybody who wants their dogs to behave better than they currently do.

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Ryan T. | San Diego, California

December 22 2014 Bark busters rating

To sum it up, Justin is a miracle worker! I used to dread taking my dog, Jax, for walks. He would pull, not walk in a straight line and bark like crazy when he saw another dog. We also had problems ranging from agressivness with other dogs to Jax jumping on people when they entered my home.

On our first session, Justin went over all the things i wanted to work on. Justin showed me how to speak "dog" and the proper way to correct Jax's behaviour. Justin was able to teach me how to turn Jax from a high energy and nervous dog to a relaxed and calm one. When working with Justin I felt like I was on an episode of the Dog Whisperer!

I can't say enough amazing things about Justin. I'm still in awe that after our first session I saw such a dramatic change in Jax's demeanor. Everyone tells me its like I have a different dog. I can't thank Justin enough. Book a session with Justin, he'll change your life!

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Alyssa A. | San Diego, California

December 3 2014 Bark busters rating

Wow! I found Bark Busters here online after being extremely frustrated with my dogs behavior on the leash or when guests were over. I had previously gone to Petsmart training where the trainer said there was nothing we could do and it was just my dog's personality. Not true! Justin is an answered prayer. It has been one month since he trained Sammy and Sammy is a complete different dog.

Prior to training I would sometimes dread walking Sammy as he would bark at other dogs, pull on the leash, not listen, or bark uncontrollably at anyone in my apartment. Literally an HOUR after Justin's training, Sammy was a transformed dog. I couldn't believe it. He's super good on the leash and I can walk him stress free. I can also now have people over and he doesn't bark at them or get in their face. I HIGHLY recommend Bark Buster's to anyone who loves their dog dearly but is frustrated with their behavior. The best thing about Bark Buster's is they don't use any choke collars, shock collars or anything inhumane. This was very important to me. Thanks to all the other yelp reviews that helped me make the best decision I've made all year.


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Pamela W. | San Diego, California

November 19 2014 Bark busters rating

WOW, Justin from Bark Busters is INCREDIBLE!! This is one case where we need a scale of more than 5 stars!!! My sister was referred to Justin from a co-worker to help with some behavior issues she was having with her dog, Quincy. Since we all interact with Quincy on a daily basis she asked us to come and observe the training. What we experienced today was nothing short of amazing!! First of all, we loved the fact that Justin came in and educated us on how and why dogs exhibit certain behaviors. I firmly believe that it is important to know the "why" when dealing with behaviors and how to correct them. Justin explained everything in a very clear and easy way to understand and did not hesitate to answer any of our many questions.

Quincy is a fun loving and energetic dog, however he was having issues with some behaviors that needed changing, such as excessive barking, pulling while walking, aggressive behavior, jumping etc... I am not exaggerating when I say that we saw a change in Quincy's behavior within minutes! I couldn't believe it!! I don't think that my sisters or I thought we would see this kind of change so quickly. Justin was absolutely great in showing us how to be the "leader of the pack", and in teaching us what we can and should do to make sure Quincy is a well behaved and loveable dog. By the end of the first visit, Quincy was not barking needlessly, not showing the aggression and was walking side by side with my sister.

It was easy to talk with Justin and we so appreciated that fact that he was not at all judgmental in his coaching or in making us aware of things that we had been doing, that we should no longer do. Quincy loved interacting with Justin and we know that he will be a happier little fella with unwanted behavior no longer being an issue. My sister now knows what to do and how to more effectively interact with Quincy on a daily basis. Everyone is much happier:-).

Justin was very personable, extremely professional and showed us so much patience.

I have a little dog and I have done other trainings (that didn't help), but I will definitely be contacting Justin. I will say that if you have any pet behaviors that you want help with, call Justin at Bark Busters. You will be so pleased. I promise!!

Thank you Justin!!

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Telly M. | San Diego, California

October 16 2014 Bark busters rating

Justin is a lifesaver! With two beagles use to their own acre to roam in Washington, coming to San Diego (for my husbands work) and living in an apartment is a difficult transition.

After researching trainers in the area, I settled on Bark Busters. We first met with Justin in 2012, and he helped us get control of our energetic beagles. Forget about taking them on walks, just taking them out to go to the bathroom was a nightmare! I was near tears on a daily basis. Noses to the ground they'd work themselves up into a frenzy. Heaven forbid if we actually saw another person or dog!

Desperate I contacted Justin. In our first training session, within five minutes of the dogs being outside on a leash, he had them calmly walking around our apartment complex! I was not expecting that kind of improvement so quickly! Socializing them with other dogs took some time but with every training session we saw improvement in leaps and bounds. Being consistent when he's not around is key!

Now two years later we're back down here for work again, and our dogs are great in the apartment, and with people.. But they were struggling with socializing with other dogs again. So I called Justin and set up a training for the following week. He remember the boys and was genuinely excited to see them. This just showed me his love and passion for what he does.

We met and he showed me some new training techniques, and now my beagles doing so much better! It's nice to have a trainer on hand who is always willing and able to help!

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Vanessa V. | San Diego, California

October 16 2014 Bark busters rating

Thank you for bringing Justin into our lives! I pride myself on researching restaurants/Services. In this case I didn't know anyone that used Justin before. So I was flying solo!

As a proud french bully owner it was hard for us to admit "We have a problem" which is Step 1. Step 2. Acknowledging that we needed help from a "higher dog power" A.K.A. Justin from Bark Busters. :)

Once I narrowed it down to a trainer with great reviews we were ready to spend the cash and he has been worth every penny!

Friends and family come over and they say "he is such a calmer pup" that was just after one training session!!

No joke the training Techniques work and we are still in the process of correcting a few things but it's been amazing! Otis respects me and looks to me for direction and he is a much better sibling to his frenchie brother Mojo.

I cannot wait til I am 100% stress free on a leash with my lil crazy frenchie! I love him even more and I am grateful to Justin for helping us with our lil furry child.

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Savannah M. | San Diego, California

September 3 2014 Bark busters rating

I've had my dog Beamer since he was a puppy. He has always been an absolute sweetheart, but he had a lot of behavioral problems. My dog was, dog aggressive, would bark at anything that would walk by our porch, he would try and eat his leash, he would pull on his leash so bad that he has actually made me fall down the stairs and pulled me down. I was at my ultimate lowest when he tried to attack and kill two dogs at the dog park, I was lucky that he was wearing his muzzle. I was so absolutely stressed, and overwhelmed and scared. I was terrified taking my dog out to go to the bathroom, I was terrified that something bad was going to happen and I would have had to put down my best friend. At Beamer and I's all time low, my mom found justin.

Beamer and I have only had one session so far, and got the lifetime guarantee. But all I can say is he is wonderful! I saw improvement in my dog with the first 45 minuets. I was able to walk him around the neighborhood with a loose leash, and him staying right by side. His attitude has changed, he is back to being my sweet boy I used to know. Earlier today he watched another dog walk by on the porch and did nothing about it. This morning I've been able to leave the sliding door open to my porch, while dogs have been walking by, and he has continued to stay by me instead of running out their and barking. This was all in the first session! I'm so happy to see such improvements in my best friend. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for me and Beamer and I look forward to more sessions! Thank you so much, justin! I recommend him to anyone that thinks that their dog is un-fixable, I thought mine was, and now I finally have hope!

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Desiree L. | San Diego, California

August 25 2014 Bark busters rating

In a nutshell, Justin is the best.

My house had hit rock bottom with my two female dachshunds. They took sibling rivalry to another level. In 6 months, they fought twice - both instances resulted in two hospital visits, 20 stitches and $2,200 total in cost. I was heartbroken. Friends and family alike suggested rehoming one of my girls to prevent any further mishaps. As most dog lovers, I refused to let that happen.

I went on Yelp to find the best damn trainer I could find. And I did - Justin. We purchased the lifetime program from Barkbusters. On Day 1, Justin came over, assessed the problem, and corrected it in 2 hours. He was patient, informative, and pretty damn magical. Our girls haven't shown any signs of aggression towards eachother since Justin's FIRST visit.

On TOP of not fighting, they no longer bark at the front door, fight over attention, or jump on me. They were even the two worst dogs to walk...Probably in the history of mankind. Justin took 5 minutes to "reprogram" them and they've been a pleasure to walk ever since. See, magical!

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Erin D. | San Diego, California

August 22 2014 Bark busters rating

I'm not one to ever really leave reviews about a service I have experienced, but I most definitely feel compelled to write about how amazing Justin is! I have a 2 yr old Pit Bull/Rottweiler mix that I adopted when she was 12 weeks old. I got her only five short weeks after my 24 yr old brother passed away in a car accident, so needless to say, this puppy has seen me at my absolute worst-I was withdrawn, depressed, silent, constantly crying, the whole nine. She's seen a lot of sadness in her short life and it was effecting her in a not good way. At the time I lived in Albany NY, but I soon realized I wasn't 100% capable of giving her the training and attention she needed, so she spent a lot of time with my dad out in the country on a farm-like setting...no structure, nothing...I could compare her behavior to that of a wild animal. As she got older, she began to show signs of severe dog anxiety-it became close to impossible for me to even walk her (she is extremely strong and I have a small frame and she has been known to knock me right off my feet before when she lunges)..anything that walked in her path, whether it be another human, another dog (forget about it-that was the worst), a bird, chipmunk etc-she would go wild and bark a loud, deep bark which would scare people...she would lunge at them, do circles around my legs and tangle me up in her leash, jump on people, cry, foam at the mouth, whimper, bark some more...I have had countless passerby's say "can't handle your dog, can you?" That really is one of the worst things to hear and is so discouraging. I would dread bringing her on walks for those reasons and would avoid having guests over. We all were suffering immensely. When I first adopted her I got the lifetime training package with Bark Busters and I am so extremely happy I did! When I relocated to San Diego, my trainer in NY referred me to Justin. I was literally at the end of my rope with my dog who I knew had so much potential. When he first met my dog he said she is just too sweet and would be a piece of cake. I remember thinking "what?! My dog, a piece of cake?!" But within a short hour and a half, he was able to bring out all of her best, sweet qualities that I knew she possessed and within minutes I was so unbelievably impressed. He is knowledgable, patient, and has such a calming presence. He instilled in me all the tips, tricks and tools I will need from now on to prevent any poor behavior from escalating, or even beginning in the first place. I would avoid dog parks and the dog beach at all costs for the sole purpose that I was terrified of how she would react in public, but after our first session I actually wanted to bring her to the beach around a ton of other dogs, so I did, and she was a perfect dog. I was so shocked! But at the same time I wasn't shocked at how perfect she is now, because Justin is THAT good. This is his passion and it shows. I couldn't be more pleased with his services; he is an absolute miracle worker and anyone that crosses his path with a dog that needs guidance will be so very happy that they did. Before I met him I was so fearful to walk my dog, and after spending less than two hours with him I look forward to it. He has transformed our lives and has erased so much stress~thank you Justin!

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