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Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.

Stephanie C.

Well future Bark Buster customer.. I'm sure you've already read a ton of reviews. The reality is that Justin really is everything and more! I have been working with Justin for almost a year and I […]

Stephanie C. | San Diego, California
Francesca S.

Justin deserves every review including mine! He definitely knows what he's doing. He is very passionate and loves his craft! He really cares...He has a lot of patience too. Justin is very […]

Francesca S. | San Diego, California
Kim M.

Justin is simply an amazing trainer!! First let me tell you what poorly behaved dogs we have. First there is Sedona a pitbull mixed with ridgeback who is very aggressive and super protective of me […]

Kim M. | Santee, California
Kim P.

There is clearly a reason why Justin has all 5-star reviews. He is an AWESOME dog trainer who lives up to every. single. review.

We found Justin through Yelp (after reading all these […]

Kim P. | San Diego, California
Will S.

Justin at Bark Busters is the absolute real deal, but what do you expect from the Trainer of the Year and International Trainer of the Year award winner?

Just like many of you, my wife and I […]

Will S. | San Diego, California
Junelle S.

Justin is a miracle worker! My baby was a spoiled brat and now he is just spoiled. I used to hate taking him anywhere because all he would do is bark and pull on the leash as well as jump on […]

Junelle S. | San Diego, California
Tricia M.

Jesus, I mean Justin...I get them confused some times. Oh I remember, Jesus turns water in to wine and Justin turns dog owners into pack leaders and skittish dogs into calm and obedient followers. […]

Tricia M. | San Diego, California
Kylee E.

Where to even begin? Justin deserves every single 5 star review written here and more.

My dogs are my babies. I have 2 boys, a 2 year old dachshund I've had since he was a pup and a 1 year […]

Kylee E. | San Diego, California
Grace F.

Needless to say we were the classic case of SRDS (Spoiled Rotten Dog Syndrome), luckily we did find a cure... Justin from Bark Busters! He is seriously one of the best investments we have made for […]

Grace F. | San Diego, California
Lindsey G.

Our story:

We have two large dogs (Rottweilers) both under three years old. We were having aggression issue with our younger male dog. He would go after other dogs while we were on walks, […]

Lindsey G. | Alpine, California